Your voice in the Faculty Council of TSHD!

What we do

As the student party of TSHD, we represent the interests of all TSHD students. We do that by giving consent for new initiatives, and by advising the faculty board. Furthermore, we organise events like the TSHD Teacher of the Year election and the Dante Gala in order to improve the social cohesion within TSHD.

Who we are

Every year, 5 TSHD students are democratically chosen to represent the student population of TSHD.  Together with 5 representatives of the faculty staff, we form the faculty council. We work together with other faculty student parties (University Forum), university student parties (SAM and Front), study associations and educational committees to represent the interests of students.


Student party Dante believes in a future for TSHD where high quality education and research go hand in hand. By providing top quality education, based on academic insight with an eye for society, a faculty with an outstanding reputation among students, alumni and businesses takes shape. Supported by the right staff and the right equipment, the quality of education can grow, leading the way for growth and innovation.

Recap of the 4th Faculty Council

On February 27th, the fourth Faculty Council took place! The following topics were discussed: Plagiarism on Stuvia, Paperless is more, Examination regulations, TSHD’s vision on digitalisation These topics were also discussed in the Dante Platform that happend a...
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The second Faculty Council 06-11-2019

Last week another Facuty Council took place! In this council the following topics were discussed: sustainability, Paperless is more and the CSAI minor.   Questions of Student Party Dante First Student Party Dante proposed working together with the sustainability...
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First faculty council of 2019/2020 (5 September)

In the first week of september classes started, but also the first faculty council of Humanities and Digital sciences took place! During this faculty council the following subjects were discussed: The budget of the Humanities faculty for the years 2020 until 2023 The...
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