Accomplishments 2018-2020


From this year on we have a boardroom for Student Party Dante where students can come by for advice, just a chat or with ideas on how to improve the faculty. The room makes it easier for students to contact us because we are present on campus.

Furthermore, we handed in an initiative to have a certain time period between an exam grade and a resit (other faculties namely had this period of 5 working days stated in their EER). The Faculty Board as well as the staff representatives agreed with us that this is an important issue for students and decided to look into the possibilities of scheduling the resits with the schedulers. Next Faculty Council we will be updated about the progress on this.

Besides this, we ensured that no exceptions would be made to the Paperless Is More rule, and we discussed several opportunities to help lecturers who were struggling with grading assignments online. Those lecturers wanted to have exceptions on these rules, but we decided that supporting them in other ways would be a better option for both students and lecturers.


In 2019, we asked questions about things the Faculty Board was taking into account regarding sustainability. The whole Faculty Council was in favour of changing things to make the faculty more sustainable. We contacted the Sustainability Factory and they will help us figure out on which points the faculty can improve the sustainability.

Furthermore, by means of the Quality Agreements, we made sure that more student assistants will be appointed to support staff (so they can develop other teaching skills) and so that students can develop themselves and feel included in the faculty.

Lastly, this year’s innovation manager contributed to TSHD’s vision on digitalisation by letting the Faculty Board know what students wanted. We gathered these opinions during our Dante Platforms. This vision is not finished yet, but improvements and suggestions were discussed during our last Dante Platform and Faculty Council.


In 2018, we began the process of internationalizing the Faculty Council. In 2019 this was taken even further until the council was totally in English and all documents were also in English. The faculty board now provides English summaries for documents that are only available in Dutch. Also, this year we have our first international board member and we have two international candidates for the upcoming year.

Furthermore, since 2018 all education coordinators of TSHD have open office hours. Because of this, their accessibility of education support has increased. For these open office hours no appointment is required.

Besides this, in 2018 the first pilot with video lectures was carried out. This pilot was used to inventorize the possibilities and difficulties with online lectures. The faculty decided to do this, based on an initiative of Student Party Dante, because our faculty was a bit behind on this subject.