The fourth faculty council of this academic year took place on the 26th of April. The agenda included the provisional outcome of the elections, the managerial responsibility for 2017 and the first draft of the faculty distribution model. The council did not submit any questions or initiatives this time, but we did ask for updates on the questions that were asked last time.


Outcome of the elections

The following students will take place in the faculty council in the year 2018-2019:

  • Sterre van den Berg (Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Mathijs Leenheer (Communication and Information Sciences)
  • Meggie Janssen (Communication and Information Sciences)
  • Timo Warringa (Philosophy)
  • Imme Wagemans (Online Culture)

The following staff members will take place in the faculty council in the years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 (the staff section changes once every two years):

  • Naomi Kamoen
  • Alwin de Rooij
  • Emmelyn Croes
  • Sander Bakkes
  • Massimiliano Spotti

A lot more students voted this year compared to last year, while among staff members the percentage was stable. One of the elected staff members is non-Dutch (Spotti), but since he masters Dutch sufficiently the language of the council presumably remains Dutch.


Managerial responsibility for 2017

This documents included targets that were set from 2013 on to 2017. It states whether targets were met in 2017 and why/why not. Furthermore, the document stated that we did not use our savings as much as was planned, which had predominantly technical causes, but was also caused by too little expenses regarding staff. The amount we did not spend will return to the faculty’s savings.

Some topics that were included in the document:

  • Some targets were not met and had the explanation that the target had lost its priority. Is that not too easy to say? The board responded that these targets were set years ago and as times changes, priorities change as well.
  • There is a decrease in international students at University College. Herman de Regt acknowledges this and already planned a meeting with the dean of UC to talk about this.
  • New initiatives to reach a BKO coverage of 100% are planned.
  • Our faculty scores well on topics like study switch and dropout rates.


Draft of faculty distribution model

The distribution model explains how money is divided within the faculty. A new model will be introduced, and we discussed the first draft. The main point is that this new model does not divide between departments right away but keeps the money more centralized.


Update questions faculty council March

Since we submitted a lot of questions last council, we asked for an update on these topics.

  • An email has been sent to students regarding transitional arrangements for CIS and Data Science. This has not yet been done for CSAI because it remains a track of CIS the upcoming year. However, students would still like to have some kind of information on the prospects of CIS and CSAI. The board will discuss this and hopefully send an email on this subject too.
  • The initiative of video lectures will be discussed in the educational consultation of TSHD on the 24th of May.
  • The questions on handing in via external platforms and thesis supervision should have been updated by Vice-dean of Education Herman de Regt but he unfortunately had already left the council meeting.


If you have questions or if you want more information about this faculty council, please contact us by sending an e-mail to