Yesterday’s faculty council was mostly about the effect of Corona on students and teachers and how the faculty board could best support them. The Faculty Board emphasized that they recognized the struggles of students and gave the following measures that were taken. Student Party Dante is of the opinion that it is clear that they have thought of almost every angle. 

  • There is a FAQ page with frequently asked questions about the coronavirus. Example topics of these questions are for example financial consequences for students.  Students can go to the student counsellor if they struggle financially.
  • The university has opened a telephone number for all students that have questions about the virus affecting their education: 013-466 2684. This number can be reached from 9:00-17:00 on working days. 
  • Rather send an email? Also possible, students can mail their question to and exchange students can send their question to
  • They have made a page that gives tips to students to remain mentally healthy. 
  • There is a Facebook group: Together online, on which all associations are also present where you can keep in touch with the tiu community. 

The board has worked hard on the plan for alternative testing. This will most likely happen with Proctorio; this program will film you when you take an exam. The pilot has already been done in Tilburg Law School. 

We have asked questions about the privacy issues of this program and we were reassured that the pilot of Proctorio dealt with every element that the tool offered. Not all elements will be used and they are trying to take privacy as much into account as possible while still ensuring that students’ diplomas still have the same value as with regular examination methods. There will also be a solution for students who don’t have a working webcam.

Furthermore, we asked what they will do to ensure that exchange students will not have to take an exam in the middle of the night if they are now back in their home country. Unfortunately (but understandably) that will be the case because the board does not want to add more pressure to the teachers by letting them make multiple exams. The final method of digital examination will be decided on April 20th. 

To conclude, the faculty board is planning to add a regulation to the EER about the amount of days between receiving a grade and having a resit. This will be done based on Dante’s February initiative.