In the first week of september classes started, but also the first faculty council of Humanities and Digital sciences took place! During this faculty council the following subjects were discussed:

  • The budget of the Humanities faculty for the years 2020 until 2023
  • The inflow of new students and the consequences for our faculty.

As for the budget, it is not set, but prone to change. There are a lot of new students coming to our university and our faculty. Most of these students study CSAI and Data Science. Since these are new studies, money from the government will come in the future and not now.

This has the following consequences:

  • Pressure on staff and equipment
  • Not enough room

The Faculty Board wants to solve this through reserving money for supporting educational staff such as student assistant that can assist teachers withteaching/ reviewing papers/ supporting in research etc. Student Party Dante finds this a positive development. However it needs to be evaluated to what extent these measures really contribute to solving this problem as effectively as possible.

Furthermore student Party Dante made the following suggestions:

  • The money for “Duurzame Geesteswetenschappen” (sustainable humanities) will be allocated to the Teacher Education Program for 2020. However, it is important to also consider other possible areas that could use this money to sustain and innovate humanities. Therefore, programs or departments that are very invested in sustaining humanities and offer a variety of humanities courses should be considered eligible to receive parts of these funds as acknowledgement for their contribution to TSHD. This could also function as an encouragement to create new courses in the future within the field of humanities.
  • In regard to the Quality Agreements, Student Party Dante is in favor of adding an additional measure to Theme 4. Consulting Alumni, to evaluate the previously taken efforts by our faculty to improve the chances on the labor market, yield more substantial knowledge than asking students who have not yet gained work experience. In order to know how useful certain measure have been, it is necessary to gather input from alumni who have already made these experiences and can reflect on the measures and their usefulness in real life and not just theory.
  • Student Party Dante advises that the distribution of the money from the Quality Agreements should be prone to reconsideration depending on how effective this year’s measures will prove to be. Furthermore, if there is an undeniable necessity for more resources in specific areas (e.g. to keep up with small-scale education) then this should be taken into account.