On Thursday the 21st of June the fifth and final faculty council of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences for this academic year took place. We as Student Party Dante asked the board for updates on questions we had asked previous councils and submitted a proposal for training days for program committees. Other topics discussed during this council were changes of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER; in Dutch Onderwijs en Examenregelingen – OER), new investments for staff for the departments of Communication and Cognition as well as for the department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and the annual reports for research and education at TSHD.


Updates of previous questions and new proposal

In the previous councils, we have submitted questions or proposal and this council we asked for updates.

  • Video lectures: Especially the bachelor of Online Culture is interested. Measures will have to be taken in the upcoming weeks to make sure lectures will be recorded starting September.
  • We asked if an informative email could be sent to all CIS students to inform them about the developments of CSAI as a track of CIS. This email will be sent out within two weeks.
  • We submitted a proposal for training days for the program committees to make sure they are more informed and involved. The board was happy with our proposal and will set up a design together with the two student assessors of the board.

Changes in Education and Examination Regulations

Student Party Dante wants to make sure that students don’t get a disproportionate study delay, for instance when they have to retake a course that is only taught once a year. That is why a new last-course-regulation is added to the EER. This regulation gives students a third chance of taking an exam when it concerns their last course and failing it will cause a large study delay.

Other changes:

For bachelor CIS students to get a specialization on their diploma, they will have to follow 5 courses of that track instead of 4.

Minors for Online Culture students can now differ in size from 18 ECTS to 30 ECTS.


Investments for DCC and DCA

Both the department of Communication and Cognition and the department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence submitted an application for more staff members for their growing departments. Both departments will receive less fte than hoped for, but the faculty does not have sufficient savings to fulfill all needs. The faculty hopes this will not lead to even more workload for lecturers, and will keep an eye on the developments.

Do you want to know more about the faculty council? Send an email to info@fractiedante.nl