On Thursday the 8th of March, the third TSHD faculty council of this academic year took place. The agenda included topics such as the new master programs for Online Culture and the curricula for all studies for the upcoming cohort. Furthermore, we as Student Party Dante, received answers on five questions regarding problems we noticed among students. These questions handled the following topics:


  • Thesis supervision

We noticed a lot of differences in thesis supervision among studies and also among supervisors within studies. We want to have more general guidelines regarding this topic. The board responded that differences between study programs are normal and cannot be avoided, since different study programs demand different theses. Big differences within study programs however, may not happen. They admitted that a good general introduction on how to write a thesis and where to begin is necessary and will try to include that in every study program.


  • Handing in assignments

Some courses demand students to hand in their assignments via other platforms than Blackboard, for instance email or Dropbox. Not only is this a very unprofessional, assignments can get lost this way. The board is going to instruct lecturers to only use appropriate media like Blackboard or Diggit. No other platforms will be supported.


  • Easy Access

Some lecturers do not post their full Powerpoint slides on Blackboard in the fear that they might receive a fine because of copyright violation. Sometimes, Powerpoints are posted half-empty, and sometimes, Powerpoints are distributed through channels like Dropbox or Google Drive. Similar to our previous question, this is unprofessional and unsafe. The board responded that clear guidelines are made but not yet distributed among lecturers since they still had some remarks on it themselves. When these are cleared out, the guidelines are presented to the lecturers which should results in less practices like those described above.


  • Clarity on transitional arrangements CSAI and Data Science

Many students ask us about the transitional arrangements regarding the changes within the CIS program. The faculty is unclear in their communication towards the students and this leaves the students in a state of insecurity. The board recognized this problem and clear communication will be distributed before April 15th.


  • Proposal for video lectures

In comparison to the other faculties, TSHD is far behind in the use of video lectures. Especially since we recently added ‘and Digital Sciences’ to our faculty’s name, this backlog needs to be fixed. The board recognized this and accepted our proposal for the introduction of video lectures. Starting September 2018, more lectures will be recorded and posted online.


Regarding the other topics on the agenda, such as the new curricula, we mostly advised positively, except for the bachelor CSAI and master Data Science, since we heard a lot of negative feedback on these programs from students. Since these study tracks do not have their own Education Committee and are underrepresented in the existing EC’s, we wanted to make a strong statement for these students. The board recognizes the problems and will set up panels of students to discuss them.