Labor market orientation

Student Party Dante thinks it is important to have more focus on labor market orientation within TSHD. By emphasizing the labor market more while studying, students will be better prepared when they have to find a job. It is important to have a better guidance for students and more communication regarding the universities facilities, because it is often not clear what options students have in labor market orientation. For example, students can learn how to write a motivation letter, but not a lot of students know about this facility. Next to providing guidance in orientation, it is also important to have more focus on the labor market within the courses so that students can develop themselves personally.


Increasingly more students studying at Tilburg University are internationals. In order to make them feel more integrated, Student Party Dante strives to include them more in matters that concern all students such as participation in a student board. However, there are still some obstacles such as the language barrier which might scare some internationals away; therefore, Student Party Dante wants to ensure that written as well as other types of communication will be in English. It is important to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome to actively participate. Lastly, we are all students at this university, and it is beneficial to everyone of us if all students can make themselves heard and take part in every aspect of student life.

Quality of education

It goes without saying that Student Party Dante strives to improve the quality of our education on a daily basis. To keep the quality as high as possible, we monitor and evaluate all the ongoing changes within our faculty regularly. Besides that, we will closely follow the implementation of the new mentorship program called PASS, in order to make sure that this will go as smoothly as possible and to make sure that the contents will be in line with the Tilburg Education Profile. Student Party Dante is also looking into the thesis guidance process. We strive to streamline the thesis guidance process as much as possible, so that the guidance students receive is as similar as possible and no student experiences any (dis)advantages. Student Party Dante also oversees the process of the implementation of the quality agreements and offers suggestions on the allocation of the extra budget to the faculty board.


Student Party Dante thinks that, since we are the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences and live in a Digital Age, the digitalization of education is of utmost importance.The digitalization of education can be achieved in a few different ways: examples could be putting course documents online, using e-books instead of real books or making use of video lectures. Keeping a close eye on the development of video lectures is important for us to track this development. Student Party Dante hopes that more and more lectures will be filmed. For this, it also needs to be ensured that lecturers have sufficient knowledge on digital developments and how to deal with them. Lastly, the possibility to digitally submit forms such as minor application should still be closely monitored as well.

Student development

In order to further develop themselves, students can take up some extracurricular activities. Examples could be doing a study related job or internship, studying abroad, joining a committee or go volunteering. Student Party Dante believes information about how and what to do outside of studying can sometimes be hard to find. Information can for example be communicated more clearly by improving the visibility of the internship coordinator or to better inform students about all possibilities. Possible consequences of doing these activities should also be communicated clearly to improve understanding. By streamlining the communication about this subject, students can make better informed decisions.


Improving the faculty starts with listening to its students. This means that we should talk with all students regularly and start implementing their ideas within their program. Gathering input is what we call a ‘living’ process because there is always something to improve and the situation is always changing. Therefore, we organize meetings between faculty members and students, we have a program committee for each program and as Student Party Dante, we try to harmonize the whole communication structure. We think that communication is the key to improving the faculty and therefore we will monitor the communication structure in such a way that it will be efficient and harmonized. Our goal is to make students more connected with the processes of the faculty and to make sure that we listen to each student.

Soft skill development

Student Party Dante finds it important that all students are able to develop soft skills within their study program. We believe that the enhancement of soft skills is important for both personal development and career success. Soft skills relate to personal competencies such as presentation skills, communication skills and negotiation skills. They play a highly important role during both academic and professional careers, which is why we believe students should be provided with enough opportunities to develop their soft skills during their study so that they are well prepared. Student Party Dante will therefore closely monitor the inclusion of soft skill development in students’ curricula and make sure students are provided with enough opportunities to both develop and improve their soft skills during their study at TSHD.