Our pillars of 2021!

Julia Theißen: Transparency

Hi, my name is Julia and I’m a second year LAS student majoring in Neuroscience. I want Transparency and clarity about the faculty decisions about education as a whole in a way that’s the most beneficial for us, students. Dante and I are here to ensure that students know what happens to the quality of our education.

Nathalie Correia Espinha: Social Networking

Hey guys, 

I am Nathalie and I am 22 years old. I am currently in my second year of Online Culture. I feel really honored to be number 2 on the list of candidates. I stand for Social Networking. I believe it is important to keep in touch with all the student associations of TSHD. This way I want to work on making Student Party Dante more approachable for everyone.

Social Networking means to me both online and offline. That’s why social media is also a significant part of this. It helps us to connect with people and to motivate people. Next academic year, I will do my best to optimize both these aspects of social networking and make Student Party Dante more accessible!

Fahad Shakeel: Digitalization

During the pandemic, there has been a considerable rise in students’ digital interactions. Education, examination, and communication all have relied mainly upon Canvas (or Zoom). After spending two years as a student at Tilburg University, I have noticed that issues with communication have caused most of the problems students face during their studies. Regardless of COVID-19, students have to interact with the Canvas environment almost daily. Every semester, a majority of students face problems understanding how each course in a semester is structured. This is mainly because of the variations in how course materials are arranged for each course. I want to improve the communication between students and the faculty and make the digital experience more understandable for students. Furthermore, the majority of the activities like social events and council meetings are being held virtually. I believe that the area of digitalization can largely impact social improvement, while also targeting the educational concerns of students.

Sasha Baker: Academic Support

The last year has unearthed the failings of the support system in our faculty. Even in the face of widespread challenges, it is clear that something needs to be changed in the way the system functions and the available aid for students in need during their studies in several aspects. What is really lacking here is something more than career advice aimed at placing students in the labour market based off of their personality types, but rather psychological and personal assistance in times of real need, and availability of study advisors and supporting staff to help guide students into their futures. The university promises to provide such support and I plan to hold them accountable to their word with the view to creating a more nurturing environment in which to learn.