Student Party Dante’s Election Program consists of four pillars, namely quality of education, digitalization, communication and labor market orientation. Each pillar will be elaborated below. If you have questions about this Election Program, please contact us via or ask us on campus on the 17th, 18th or 19th of April (you can find us near the Dante Building)!


Quality of education

Students are primarily enrolled at our university for education. Student Party Dante therefore strives to keep the quality of education as high as possible. Currently, there are a lot of changes taking place within several study programs. Student Party Dante wants to monitor and evaluate these changes regularly. Besides that, improvements regarding the Tilburg Educational Profile, such as small-scale education and the mobility window, have to be monitored as well. Moreover, it is important that there are enough possibilities for lecturers to improve their English writing and speaking skills. On top of that, it is essential that thesis supervision meets certain requirements and is therefore sufficient for every student. Finally, the opportunities regarding changing studies within the School should be investigated and revisited.



Since ‘and Digital Sciences’ has been added to the name of our School, Student Party Dante thinks it is important that Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences will make some improvements regarding digitalization. It is of great importance that the development regarding video lectures will be monitored closely. Besides that, it should be possible to take notes on your laptop in every lecture and it should not be mandatory for students to print papers and other documents to be able to attend lectures and seminars. Moreover, there has to be a possibility to digitally submit forms, like minor application forms. Lastly, Student Party Dante wants that all teachers have sufficient technical knowledge about the technical devices in lecture rooms. We even want to investigate the possibility to include this knowledge in the BKO (Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs) for teachers of our School.



Communication is key. Student Party Dante thinks there should be more and better communication between students and the School. It is important that students get to know Student Party Dante, know what the party does and know where to go with their questions and remarks. Students should also be informed properly and on time about changes within the School and within their study program. Moreover, Student Party Dante wants to investigate the possibility to have a representative in each year of every study program to communicate closely with Student Party Dante. In this way, Student Party Dante expects to get more input from students. Besides that, it is desirable to improve the communication with the Educational Committees by aligning tasks and more collaboration. In addition, we want to raise the qualities of the Educational Committees by offering them a training day so all the members of the Educational Committees know what they can achieve and what responsibilities they have.


Labor market orientation

To be ready for the labor market, students often want to do an internship. Therefore, information about doing an internship and the consequences, like possible study delay, should be communicated sufficiently. Moreover, the guidance during an internship should be improved.