Studies within TSHD

Student party Dante represents the following studies:


Communication- and Information Sciences

As a student Communication- and Information Sciences (CIS) you are interested in all different fields within communication, such as how to implement social media in your marketing campaign, how to present your brand identity, or what you should do in order to convince others to live a healthier lifestyle. The study CIS is very broad and derives from different sciences, such as communication sciences, cognitive sciences, psychology, media design, esthetics and linguistics. Within CIS you can follow three different tracks that are each focused on a different field. These tracks are Business Communication and New Media, Communication and Cognition and New Media Design. It is also possible to choose none of these and go for a broad study.


Cognitive Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

Within Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, you learn about the combination of artificial intelligence and the science of human cognition. You are interested in the interaction between these two mechanisms and how together they can benefit society. You ask questions such as: “Can computers interpret human emotions in a reliable way? How does our brain process all the impulses which it receives and how does it respond to virtual and augmented reality? How does communication between humans and robots work? And what forms of artificial intelligence can we expect in the (near) future?” By studying human cognition, e.g. memory, language processing, learning and decision making, and artificial intelligence, you seek answers to these questions.

 Flow is the study association of CIS and CSAI students. 

Online Culture

The study Online Culture is the modern Culture Sciences where focus lays on digital cultures and (new) media. Within Online Culture you study how digitalization and globalization change our way of living as well as our society. Furthermore, you discuss new ways of communication, expressions of art and social media phenomena, such as memes and trolling. As on Online Culture student you are curious and interested in today’s modern culture, how it has changed over the years and how it keeps on changing with regards to the digital culture and new media.

Animo is the study association for online culture students.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts & Sciences is a program that represents a varied academic curiosity: it offers a mix of five different fields that will all help you to create a better understanding of humans and human society. You will learn about things ranging from political and social structures of Ancient Greece, to rhetorical devices used in both presidential speeches and commercials; from psychological mechanisms underlying your behavior to the way businesses and business models are structured; and from how political and legal texts have shaped history to which brain areas are responsible for depression.

The five fields within Liberal Arts and Sciences in Tilburg are Humanities, Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Sciences, Business and Economics, and Law. In your first year, you will learn fundamentals from within these fields. In your second year, you choose one of them as your major, but you will continue to have the interdisciplinary aspect that Liberal Arts & Sciences stands for via electives as well as the teaching style offered.

Extra Muros is the study association for LAS students


In the Bachelor of Philosophy, you delve into significant questions about society, science and culture. You learn to question issues in a systematic and critical manner. You develop your skills in the art of debating, analyzing texts and writing strong arguments. You can also become acquainted with other disciplines such as Politics, Economics, Culture Studies, Psychology or Law. You will learn to systematically and critically question vanzelfsprekendheden and develop a fresh view on what is happening in society. You will also learn to see problems from different viewpoints.

Sapi is the study association for all philosophy students