We proudly present the board of next year! We have changed something within the specific roles to make sure that we can improve the supervision of it.

Positions in the board

Chair Educational affairs Innovation manager External affairs PR
Coordination internal meetings Quality of lectures Tilburg educational program (and PASS) Handling incoming email and correspondence within the faculty Managing the website (writing a report the faculty council) and newsletter
Contact person faculty board Student participation within faculty Digitalisation Controlling the interaction with other faculties/parties In charge of the communication committee (promotion)
Internal treasurer Course evaluations Yearplan Elections and convenant, new candidates, contact with secretary TIU Planning of activities (DP, informal meetings, TOTY, training)
Contact with the teachers representatives Internationalization SV-budget Contact with study associations Making notes of internal meetings


Ellen van Gisbergen

Isabelle Henck

Jesse Janse

Renske Jacobs

Elaine Buis








Timo Warringa