Last week another Facuty Council took place! In this council the following topics were discussed: sustainability, Paperless is more and the CSAI minor.


Questions of Student Party Dante

  • First Student Party Dante proposed working together with the sustainability factory. This is a bottom-up initiative that gathers the ideas of students and staff on how to make the university more sustainable. The initiative has only recently started but is ambitious and wants to make a strong link with research and education. The sustainability factory has for example caused single-used plastics to be banned from the uni and that the vending machines now have reusable water bottles. The board responded that they fully support sustainability initiatives.
  • Furthermore Dante had a question about the free minor of CSAI. Student party Dante received complains from students of the third year CSAI bachelor, concerning the minor process of their program. We talked with some students to grasp a general view about their problems and we identified the following:
    • Third year students of the bachelor program CSAI did not have the option for the ‘vrije minor’, which was an option according to the EER of the start of the program (2017). The students were limited to choosing courses within the discipline of the bachelor, instead of the ability in developing oneself within other disciplines.
    • Students were told that the minor application needs to be approved by someone within the department of CSAI.The students were allowed to send the minor application directly to the exam committee, but were told that the exam committee would give similar (dis)approval on the application as the person within the department. Dante therefore asked the board to look into how the decision of the exam committee was possibly influenced by the department of CSAI and why they disapproved some minors which were allowed under the regulation of the EER (known as ‘vrije minor’).
    • Some students had to wait about 3 months until they received the minor (dis)approval of the exam committee. Since some of those students wanted to follow courses at another university (at TUE), there were some problems with informing TUE about CSAI students following courses at TUE. Those students therefore risked not being able to follow the courses/do the exams at TUE.

The board responded that while some issues would be addressed (comments about the EER are valid and will be taken into account), they would like to see this discussion in the program committees as well.


Questions of the teacher representation of TSHD

  • The teachers would like to see a hardship clause added to the Paperless is more rule, which could manage the right of students to hand papers in digitally. The board responded with a hardship clause, however there was no consent as it was a draft. Dante has several questions as to how this right will be managed and by whom. First of all paperless is more is a rule that goes university-wide, it is unclear how TSHD could implement that faculty-wide.  But there is for example also the risk of teachers ‘shaping’ their course in a way that they can get an exception on the paperless is more rule.
  • Furthermore there was a question concerning the recording of teachers by students and whether this was allowed. The board responded that students who want to do this should go to their lecturer and inform them that you would like to record. If they give their permission than it’s okay.