This faculty council was the first faculty council with our new Dean (Boudewijn Haverkort) who started with his view about the strategic plan of the faculty. He stated that the strategic plan of the faculty is formed very well and that no changes will be made within those plans. Besides this, he wants to get to know the faculty, evaluate the combination of humanities and digital sciences and he looks forward to a good collaboration with the other members of the faculty council.


Question regarding student data

The teachers representatives asked the board to the ability of sharing the data of students (such as the track they follow) with teachers. The motivation for this proposal was to adjust the content of the courses according to this data. The board answered that they will look into it and discuss the possibilities with other parties within the faculty.


General questions to the board

Student Party Dante asked for updates about topics we discussed in the last faculty council:

  • The online hand-in of assignments is in progress. This basically means that the plan is proposed to the ‘online education team’ and they think that Canvas needs to be designed in such a way that it is easier to hand in those assignment digitally.
  • The way the faculty will measure the implementation of the SV-budget is still unclear. They will give us more information in next faculty council.
  • The business plan regarding University College does take some time but will be formed in the next months. This process does still sound doubtful to us, so we will actively stimulate the faculty to make some progress with the plan.


Communication plan

The last few months we worked on our communication plan. This plan proposed a similar communication structure for each department within TSHD. We gave a presentation about the new structure and asked specifically if this plan can be introduced within next academic year. The board (and teachers) responded positive on the effort we put into this plan. They will discuss the implementation during the ‘FOW’.


Voting right of program committees

In the last meeting of the program committee the curricula of both bachelor- and master programs were discussed. We asked the program committees about the process of this decision and some of them responded that they did not vote officially. We asked the board to be more concerned with this process in the future and inform them about their rights. Besides this, we asked some questions about the curricula that was decided on.

Students of CIS will get the opportunity to do an internship within the third year of their bachelor program. This internship will earn students 6 ECTS, but it is not clear how this will be arranged with the other courses in the curriculum. The board responded that it is a good first step and that we need to pay attention to how this will look like in the future.


Relocation of the Faculty

The plans about the relocation of TSHD to the Koopmans building are delayed because of unforeseen circumstances. This will mean that TSHD will be located in Dante for the next four years. In compensation, some facilities within the Dante building will be renewed such that the livability of the building is guaranteed. Further plans will be discussed with facility services.