This was officially the last full-on Faculty Council and therefore this will be the last update. What has been discussed here?

  • EER 2021/2022: We looked at next year’s EER and decided to bring up a point about pronouns. As it is Pride Month and the Campus has a rainbow stairs (not just for fun), we figured we asked whether the Faculty Board could change ‘he or she’ to ‘they’ as that includes everyone. The Board will take this on.
  • Annual Research Report TSHD: We were given the right to advice on this document. It was a review of last year’s trends within our School and we saw there were some threats with regard to teacher retention and such. When we asked if the Faculty Board had solutions, they referred to the meeting about the Strategic Plan, which will be on July 13.
  • Mastertrack Philosophy: Philosophy already had four Mastertracks and now a new one will be added; Philosophy about Data and Digital Society. We are very happy with this as it works perfectly with our School of Humanities AND Digital Sciences. There was unanimous positive advice on this track.
  • Education next year: We asked about the form of education we can expect next academic year, knowing that a lot is still unsure. The answer was still quite broad, but understandably so. The Faculty Board needs to know from the Government first what they can do and not do on campus, but the Board is making various plans for different situations. With our question about Open Science and publishing all pre-recorded lectures of the past year, the Board was hesitant as there are different rights and responsibilities; it is easier said than done.
  • Language Policy: Ironically, the files about how Tilburg University should be focused on writing important documents in English, this Language Policy was largely in Dutch. The document also pleaded for international teachers to get on A1 level of Dutch in order to find their ways in Tilburg and possibly stay there. We agreed that A1 level is a nice way to be introduced to the Netherlands but still firmly requested that next year everything should be in English. The Faculty Board will look into it. 
  • Canvas Page: Together with Active TSHD and student assessor Sterre van de Berg, we created a TSHD Canvas Page. We have shown it in the Faculty Council for the teachers to get an idea of what students can find there. Because it is still in the making, we do not know the release date.