Things that were discussed in the council:

  1. Educational Report: This was an educational review of the last year and it is already historic as it is the first covid-edition of the Educational Report. Despite the pandemic, there has been a massive growth in the number of students. That is largely due to the new programme, CSAI. We were a bit hesitant that this massive increase of students would go against the sustainable ‘small scale’ approach of teaching. There was a discussion about what small scale teaching truly means and together with the Council we will come up with a concrete definition. Overall, the Report showed us that THSD has become more international and gained more students. 
  2. Education Innovation Plan: At our school, we always look for ways to improve the quality of our education. This Plan was up for discussion and handled the issues of academic skills, employability and digitalization.  Sustainability and Character Building was also tapped into and lastly TEP (Tilburg Education Profiles) was mentioned as a concrete example of this Plan.
  3. Curricula TSHD: We examined the curricula of TSHD for next academic year. These curricula were made by the Academic Directors and approved of by the Programme Committees of these studies. We looked over them with a careful eye to make sure you get the best possible education. We will reach out to the Academic Directors and programme committees with our remaining questions, but the curricula looked very fresh to us and well thought out. 
  4. TiCeLS: TiCeLS stands for Tilburg Center of Learning Sciences and this Council we were given a presentation about it. Together with TSB and TiSEM, but with the strongest impulse of TSHD, they created a network of expertise and research on education. The pillars of this Center are Research, Professionalization and Education. With teachers and researchers from the fields of primary, secondary and higher education, TSHD started this initiative and there is much more exciting news to come later in time.
  5. Business Case CSAI-DSS: There was a proposal to give extra funds to the programme of CSAI-DSS because of the massive growth and the relatively high funding per student (the gear/lab/…). The voices from CSAI-DSS plead for extra financing because the situation calls for it dramatically. We saw the severity of the case and agreed to have more funds go to CSAI-DSS as this is one of the newer studies and needs some room for trial and error. The Council was asked for advice and it was unanimously positive.

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