Infographic of what has been discussed last Thursday.

What has been discussed in this council?

  1. Internationalization and housing; the university works with the municipality to make sure that the housing problem is being dealt with, but the recent developments where houses cannot be turned into student homes has caught the university off guard. We must consider that this cannot be solved within a year. With the eye on the future and on future students, the housing problem should be solved first and then TIU can grow.
  2. The presentations on the strategy plans and the recognition and rewards system were interesting to listen to and shows that our university cares a lot about its employees. If you want to know more about these staff topics, do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. Crisis situation update: the second semester will look like the first semester. With most lectures online, the faculty still strives for more offline education by improving the streaming services from live class rooms. They also want to make sure, if the regulations allow them, to have offline classes for every year, not just first years. 


Then things we did not get to ask but really are important to us:

  1. The financial transparency: students are confused by how the university works financially and that is why we are asking for more transparency on this topic. Also the possibility of a partial refund of the fee would be great.
  2. Lecture rooms in the Dante building: we have seen this semester that not a lot of rooms were used and that students missed the campus feel. That is why we want to reach out to the study associations for a collaboration on managing lecture rooms in which people can study for their exams.


We will update you on the answers of these latter two questions! If you want to know more, let us know via Instagram, Facebook or mail