Disclaimer: all of these statements are not final yet since they are up for change

Today we had a meeting with the faculty board, academic directors, student advisors, the TSHD program committees and Student Party Dante about Proctorio. It was a Q and A with Corno Vromans who is the director of Library and IT services (LIS). This meeting was about the concerns students had about the program Proctorio. 

First Corno explained how the university came to the program Proctorio; the first reason was that students shouldn’t obtain a study delay and the second one was to guarantee the quality of exams. Normally this project would take one year to successfully implement, but now it had to be done in two weeks. A lot of contact with other universities that used the program confirmed the decision to use Proctorio. Another reason was that Proctorio works well with Canvas.

So what does Proctrio do? Proctorio is a Chrome extension and it monitors you when you take an exam. Important to note: Proctorio is not allowed to follow what you are doing live, it makes a fraud estimate report afterwards. When it for example states that there was a lot of audio during a certain moment the surveillance of the university will check that moment.

A test was carried out within the law faculty. This began the raise of privacy concerns amongst students, and the petition. However, the trial was carried out with all available settings on. Not all settings will be used in the real situation. The encrypted data will be stored in Germany and be destroyed afterwards. Only authorized staff has access to the video, which will then only be watched when there is a fraud concern. A test with Proctorio will also be available, so students are able to practice with the software. 

However, the system is not fool-proof. How can a student proof that fraud has not been committed? They are able to go to the exam committee. You will be able to defend yourself. Currently LIS are deciding on the settings (together with the exam committee) and on what courses will use proctorio. Students will be informed soon which settings will be used. If students refuse or cannot use Proctorio they are looking at solutions for that. 

Furthermore, the input during the meeting will be used by LIS to improve the process. Think for example of students who normally take notes during exams, students who tend to look away, students who live together and students who are abroad. For the last option, they are looking into the possibilities of students going to a local university to be monitored there for example. As for the webcam and internet access needed, you can get back into the exam after you have been disconnected due to internet problems. The staff is also looking into solutions for problems such as the need for extra supplies, both within The Netherlands and outside of it.

Students with medical issues such as mental health issues will get more time as they normally would. This also goes for students who need bathroom breaks. All of this will be allowed as it would be under the normal guidelines. How this will be facilitated exactly will be announced.

Contact us if you still have questions and/or concerns via info@fractiedante.nl!