For the academic year 2019-2020, we are looking for students for the program committees. You can read more about the vacancy and the general information about the program committees below. If you have any questions, please send an email to or

For the program committees, we are looking for new students of all bachelor and (research)
master programs of TSHD:
• Communication and Information Sciences (including CSAI)
• Data Science & Society
• Language and Communication
• Liberal Arts and Sciences
• Online Culture
• Philosophy
• Teacher training program Dutch
• Teacher training program Philosophy

We are looking for students who feel that student participation is important and who would like
to advise the Faculty Board. Thus, if you would like to contribute to the quality of your education
program, this could be interesting for you!

1. What do the program committees do?
The program committees consist of both students and teachers. The program committees
advise the program director and the student advisors of the Faculty Board and the Faculty
Education Consultation on the quality (policy, organizational and content) of the different
bachelor and master programs. However, next to an advisory role, members of the program
committees will also critically discuss course evaluations and vote on important matters before
they are discussed during the Faculty Council. The input given by student members is
especially useful for Student Party Dante, which represents the students of TSHD in the Faculty
Council. It is intended that the program committees have a varied composition of the programs
so that all students can be heard. Therefore, we are looking for students from all years and from
all directions and graduate profiles.

2. Function
Participating in the program committee will take on average one hour per week. The duties of a
student member of the program committee are:
• Liaising with the program director of the relevant program and the student advisors of
the Faculty Board and the Faculty Education Consultation;
• Advise the Student Advisors and answer questions from the Faculty Council;
• Monitor the quality of education. This includes maintaining contact with students from
your program and providing input into the meeting when you notice that there are
problems in your program;
• Studying documents about various aspects of your program;
• Attending meetings of the program committee of your program (about once every two
• Attending Dante Platform meetings (close to the Faculty Council, about once every two
• Other possible tasks.

3. Profile
A member of the program committee must be enrolled as a student for at least one course at
Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital sciences. The term formally runs from September 1st
2019 to August 31th 2020. There will be meetings (and you should therefore be available) until
July 1st 2020. A member of the program committee should be (pro)active and motivated in its
role as a student representative.

4. Compensation
A member of a program committee receives a fee for their monthly efforts. This will be a sum of
€ 45,- per month for the function description above. This fee will be awarded for 10 months, if
you remain appointed in the committee throughout the term.

5. Information and application
If we have piqued your interest, please apply by sending an email to both student advisors:

Student advisor for the Education Faculty Consultation: Anneloes Meijer

Student advisor for the Faculty Board: Laura Nelissen

Make sure you indicate in your email which program committee you are applying for, which
program you follow, in which study year you are and, when applicable, which direction you have
chosen in your program. Do not forget to add your motivation letter and resume, so the student
advisors can invite you for an interview. If you want more information, please contact the
student advisors as well.

Deadline for applying: March 22nd 2019