What we do

Student participation at Tilburg University takes place at three levels: The University Council, the Faculty Councils and the Educational Committees.

University Council

The university councils deals with matters that influence the university as a whole. Examples are cooperations with other institutions, Innovations in education, housing, finances, etc. Student party SAM and student party Front represent student interests in the university council.

Faculty Council

Tilburg University has five different faculties: Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), Tilburg Law School (TLS), Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB), Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST) en Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD). Each faculty has a faculty council, that deals with matters like educational programs within the faculty, exam regulations and finances.

Program Committees

Every study program has an educational committees. Like the university council and the faculty councils, the educational committee consists of both students and staff. The educational committee discusses the content of study programs (curriculum), the evaluations of courses, results from the national student survey and the amount of enrolled students.

Here is an overview of the students per program committee:

Communication and Information Sciences

  • Wouter Snik (BSc Student)
  • Desire van den Berg (BSc Student)
  • Bart de Leest (MSc student)
  • Julia Mulder (MSc student)

Ba & Ma Online Culture

  • Chris Andres (Ba student)
  • Jessaline Tanjung (Ba student)

Ba & Ma Philosophy

  • Mike Muijen (Ba student)
  • Mark Edelbloedt (Ma student)
  • Xiyue Yang (Ma student)

Ba Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Anna Walsweer (Ba student)
  • Timeja Liplin Serbetar (Ba student)
  • Loic Segers (Ba student)
  • Vicente Enrique Noero Spicker (Ba student)

BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Saher Rangwala (BSc student)
  • Ndivhuwi Nyase (BSc student)

MSc Data Science and Society

  • Martijn Logtenberg (MSc student)

ReMa Language and Communication

  • Nataliia Vdovychenko (MSc student)
  • Sari Pastoor (MSc student)

University Forum

Using the motto ‘Stronger Together’, all student participation organisations form the the University Forum. Student parties Front and SAM, the Faculty Council parties and the student-assessors of Tilburg University have joined forces to create a platform, where we can come together to talk about all matters discussed in the different participation bodies of Tilburg University.

Discussing these matters, exchanging ideas and learning from each other will improve the quality of the student participation and will make sure that we as students are represented in university politics even better. This way we can become thé voice for the students in Tilburg!

TSHD Teacher of the Year

Every year, Fractie Dante organizes the TSHD Teacher of the year elections. The winner of this events gets to participate in the university-wide elections.

Dante Gala

The Dante Gala is organized every year with the goal of improving the social cohesion between TSHD students in an informal way. The gala is organized by a special committee, with members from the four study associations of TSHD.  Pictures can be found on the student party Dante Facebookpage.